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Quality Pet Care


For years, we have been serving the pets and families of our local area. We love caring and connecting with animals and creating everlasting relationships. We provide care for your fur baby as if they were our own, and ensure that they receive the highest quality care.

· 30+ years’ experience

· We treat pets like our own family

· Pets grooming specialized by their own individual needs 

Reliable and Trustworthy Caretakers


When you live a busy life, it is hard to consistently provide the attention and care that your pets can demand.  With years of satisfied owners and loved pets, you can rely on us to care for your pets while they are enjoying their spa day.  

Satisfaction Guaranteed


We are always prepared for any pets' needs and ensure that your pet will receive the best care and love. Their happiness and care is our priority and we strive to provide a service we would want our own pets to receive. 

Who We Are



  • Started grooming when she was 13 years old. 
  • Loves all animals like they are her own. 
  • Love that the dogs feel like her grooming spot is their home away from home. 
  • They enjoy seeing her and coming to get pampered. 
  • She is a devoted wife, mother of 5 and grandmother to 6. 
  • Loves spending time with her kids and grandchildren. 
  • Enjoys church and teaching the preschool age children. 



  • Devoted wife and mother of three. 
  • 13+ years experience grooming. 
  • Enjoys playing with her children, being a mom, church, singing, and shopping. 
  • Also enjoys transforming pets into . . . something amazing by giving them a fresh new look.  



  • Devoted & hardworking.
  • Looks out for the welfare of your pet and will make sure you know if she notices something.
  • Combined experience 10+ years
  • Summer loves animals and has a menagerie of her own pets including fish, turtles, cats & dogs. 
  • She’s married and enjoys spending time with her husband and 7 kids.

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What We Offer

Dog Extras

These can be added to anychosen individually or added to any dog grooming package

Cat Extras

Shampoo Products


Baking Soda & Oatmeal

  •  Naturally powers away dirt and odors while soothing skin
  • Exfoliates and helps calm red, irritated skin
  • Soap free formula with a White Tea fragrance

Best Luxury

  • Ultra-rich formula with long lasting herbal fragrance
  • Conditioner adds life and body
  • Provides show-quality look and unsurpassed shine

De-Shed Shampoo

  • Helps promote healthy shedding while washing and rinsing. Shedding is natural and necessary for a healthy coat but loosened hairs that are not removed build up and cause mats and tables. Now you can aid the shedding process.
  • Loosens the undercoat so hair slips down the drain
  • Removing the loosened hair helps prevent mats and tangles
  • Proteins and amino acids leave the coat shiny and manageable
  • Vanilla Raspberry fragrance

De-Shed Rinse

  • Rinses away shedding and dander
  • Fortified with conditioners, Panthenol, Vitamin E and Lanolin
  • Leaves the coat smooth and silky
  • Vanilla Raspberry fragrance


  • Naturally effective and tough on dirt
  • An excellent degreaser with 5% D’Limonene, an orange peel extract
  • Excellent for use with topical flea preventatives

Flowering Bamboo

  • Soothe the senses with Bamboo extract
  • Penetrates deeply to revive overworked hair and skin
  • Infused with Bamboo extracts, Citrus, Roses, Jasmine and White lilies

Shampoo Products (cont'd.)



  • Leaves the coat clean, lustrous and manageable

Grubby Dog

  • Helps remove and loosen dirt, caked-on mud, grease and filth
  • Powerful deep cleanser with powder fresh fragrance
  • Enriched with Jojoba, Macadamia and Olive oils


  • For pets with persistently sensitive, dry or allergic skin
  • Emollients help to repair dry, brittle coats
  • Tearless and soap free.

Kava Kava

  • De-stress pets with this earthy scent
  • Blend of Armoise oil, cinnamon, sandalwood and Kava Kava extract
  • Rich conditioning base with vitamin E and Lanolin

Lavender Magic

  • Lavender scent helps relax tense pets
  • Rich conditioning base enriched with Vitamin E and Lanolin
  • Blend of Lavender, Chamomile, Sweet Peas, Violets and Roses
  • Leaves the coat glossy and manageable


  • Helps combat seborrhea dermatitis, skin bacteria and fungi
  • Tea Tree Oil helps rapidly relieve itching, scaling and dry skin
  • Synergistic blend of natural oils produces healthy, shiny coats

More Shampoo Products (cont'd.)


Mud Treatment

  • Exfoliates dead skin cells and sooths irritated skin
  • Deep penetrating, luxurious mixture cleans and helps detoxify the skin
  • Allows the skin to absorb moisture
  • Infused with Jojoba, Olive and Macadamia oils

Oatmeal & Aloe

  • Soothing and soap-free formula made with 2% Colloidal Oatmeal
  • Moisturizes sensitive, dry, irritated or itchy skin
  • Aloe Vera soothes redness and reduces inflammation
  • Hypoallergenic with Fresh Apple fragrance


  • Easy on the eyes and soap free

Conditioning Products


Advanced Conditioning Treatment

  • Instantly deep conditions the coat and skin
  • Rich, luxurious cream contains Jojoba and Macadamia Oils, emollients, humectants and protein
  • Revitalizes dry, damaged, brittle hair by boosting its ability to absorb and retain moisture
  • Helps repair damaged skin which dramatically improves its softness and elasticity
  • May also be used as a Hot Oil Treatment

Crème Rinse & Conditioner

  • Crème Rinse & Conditioner
  • Eliminates tangles while restoring moisture
  • Provides a protective coating on the hair
  • Adds body and sheen to every type of coat
  • Restores essential collagen, amino acids and moisturizes dry skin

Hypoallergenic Crème Rinse

  • Made without fragrances, dyes or other allergy-producing ingredients
  • For pets with sensitive, dry and irritated skin
  • Helps relieve itching while eliminating tangles
  • Natural moisturizers soothe dry coats and improve overall manageability

Oatmeal Leave-On Conditioner

  • Soothes and moisturizes
  • Reduces redness and dryness after just one application
  • Continues to soothe long after the coat is dry
  • Immediate and long-lasting relief with Fresh Apple fragrance

Pad & Elbow Protector

  • Soothes dry, cracked pads and callused elbows
  • Salve quickly penetrates to encourage healing
  • Made from rejuvenating Bisabolol, soothing Chamomile and moisturizing emollients
  • Excellent for aging dogs or dogs that live in harsh and rugged environments

Simply Pure Complete Conditioner

  • All in one conditioner hydrates, softens, nourishes and reduces static
  • De-mats while removing undercoat making the coat more manageable
  • Leaves a light white tea scent

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